AeroGear Keycloak pipe error stream closed

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AeroGear Keycloak pipe error stream closed

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Hi All,
and sorry for my bad english :)


I am trying display a Rest API result secured with keycloak, using this part of documentation.

but in order to display my Rest API result i used the pipe exemple

like this

AuthzModule authzModule = AuthorizationManager.getModule("KeyCloakAuthz");

authzModule.requestAccess( (Activity)this, new Callback<String>() {
        public void onSuccess(String s) {
          Pipe<Transactions> pipes = PipeManager.getPipe("transactions");
 AbstractCallback<List<Transactions>>() {
            public void onSuccess(List<Transactions> id) {
              //nothink happen
            public void onFailure(Exception e) {
            //error stream closed

but i receive error message saying the stream is closed

Could you help me please

thanks a lot