[Aerogear-users] 3.0.1 REST Sender issue Unrecognized field \"windows\"

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[Aerogear-users] 3.0.1 REST Sender issue Unrecognized field \"windows\"

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After upgrading the unified push server from 1.1.3-Final to 3.0.1 we are having issues with the REST sender API. We are using the java sender which i couldn't find an update for, so i assumed it would be compatible with 3.0.1. If it makes a difference this is running in the docker-compose setup.


Request payload:
      "alert":"Test test",
         "test":"test test"

    "message""Unrecognized field \"windows\" (class org.jboss.aerogear.unifiedpush.message.Message), not marked as ignorable (8 known properties: \"badge\", \"priority\", \"simple-push\", \"alert\", \"sound\", \"consolidationKey\", \"apns\", \"user-data\"])\n at [Source: (io.undertow.servlet.spec.ServletInputStreamImpl); line: 1, column: 98] (through reference chain: org.jboss.aerogear.unifiedpush.message.InternalUnifiedPushMessage[\"message\"]->org.jboss.aerogear.unifiedpush.message.Message[\"windows\"])",
    "details": {}

Removing the "windows" field in a manual request seems to solve this issue, but there might be more hiding.
What am I doing wrong? Is there a more up to date java sender library somewhere?


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