[Aerogear-users] CordovaPush Plugin issue on iOS/Android

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[Aerogear-users] CordovaPush Plugin issue on iOS/Android

Bourillon, Matthias


We have an Ionic 1.x/Cordova project that was using the Aerogear Cordova Push plugin from the GitHub repository.

We were following following doc : https://aerogear.org/docs/guides/aerogear-cordova/AerogearCordovaPush/

With a build of our App in january, everything was OK on iOS as well as Android.


We recently updated our Cordova plugins and on iOS and Android we are now getting following JavaScript error : Error : Can’t find variable push

In our code, we are simply trying to use this global variable, as stated in the https://aerogear.org/docs/guides/aerogear-cordova/AerogearCordovaPush/ doc.


Is there something that changed recently on js library side?




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