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[Aerogear-users] Hello and Compile help

Staffan Mattsson
Hello everyone,
My name is staffan and Im a hobby developer. :) No status, but pure fun.
I've heard that this list also works as some kind of support forum. I hope thats right...

It seems I cannot succed in compiling AeroGearHttp needed for AeroGearOAuth2.
When I compile only AeroGearOAuth2 i get the error: module AeroGearHttp not found,
which is ok. I can understand that. But then when I download AeroGearHttp and try to compile that I get all kind of error. Im not even sure that he tries to compile in the correct (swift) language, because the errors are really strange. They sort of miss the swift structure I think.

I would like to thank for a great library, but I havent tried it yet. :)


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