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[Aerogear-users] admin REST client for node

Luke Holmquist
I remember a little while back someone created an admin client in Java,  so i decided to start one in node.js

ATM for the 0.1.0 release,  i've only implemented the CRUD for applications, following these docs https://aerogear.org/docs/specs/aerogear-unifiedpush-rest/#838429674

The only thing i need to do to get "authenitcated" with keycloak was to switch direct access grants to on in the "unifiedpush-server-js" client.  it also assumes that you are using the coupled KC/UPS bundle. which i think is the only way right now.

once they become decoupled, then i can modify the client accordingly.

The tests are currently just mocking what the ups would return.  I would like to get some integration tests setup, but i'm not to sure how to automate the "turning on" of the direct access grants.

i could probably use docker for the sever setup

anyway,  here it is  :) and more functionality to come


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