Unable to build aerogear in Kubernets

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Unable to build aerogear in Kubernets

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 Folks I'm trying to build aerogear in kubernets, I was able to make it work on my docker install but as stated here: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-1559?_sscc=t 
Kubernets does not behave well with the links from the DBs. So I proceeded and tried to build:

But it breaks:
Removing intermediate container c5e6c09a20cc
Step 9 : COPY configuration/xml/mysql-module.xml ${mysql_module_dir}/module.xml
lstat configuration/xml/mysql-module.xml: no such file or directory

My plan was to build the image and create a service for earch of my databases as stated here:

Is there any other alternatives or a working build?